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And that would bring them full circle. Or show some background of Kelvin in the Swan station with Radzinsky. Lesbian teacher student videos. That god-awful countdown thing makes me understand why Elvis would occasionally shoot his TVs. Roberta pedon nude pics. I don't think a lot of you have any idea how getting to shore in a massive, s pirate worked.

To go to the island by pissing on his and Penny's relationship?

Roberta pedon nude pics

I think that's obvious. Yeah I saw that earlyer and thought that it was hilarious that "The Package" Title was right above that photo. I'm just not sure.

It was the Black Rock. Obviously involving poor Jin and how he got from the airport to the fridge. Everything is converging all right Good one arby64, that idea slipped past me.

Now Sun has lost the ability to speak English? Obviously Red Dwarf and Hitchhiker's Guide are 2 diff. Ryan phillippe nude photos. We saw a little bit more of the devious nature of MIB. Oh, and somehow the crew survived and the ship remained in great condition with masts and rigging intact.

The number keeps getting smaller. I have a bad feeling about sideways Aaron. I do love Lost and yeah, I get we wouldn't have much of a show if characters acted logically, but I guess it just wouldn't be kosher around here if I didn't post something semi-negative. I won't get the time till Thursday, but I can't wait. We saw him being taken out of the sub but there was no interaction, that was shown, between Jin and Desmond. Who cuts hair on the island btw?

You showed me, you told me, you own me, you are smarter, have a bigger dick, bang more. I think that's what he is up to, that's what's in the sub. Your theory is cool with me man. Even within the flow of specific episodes, the odd filming report or script speculation might not give the proper insight into how it will play on screen.

I know it doesn't always apply to this show but sometimes it does. Mila kunis nude sex tape. The metaphor with the smashed bottle really seems to be confirming what folk suspect that the LA X is what happens when Locke succeeds in defeating Jacob and leaving the island, and so there has to some how be some deliberation about which time line is right or wrong, hey maybe that lighthouse could come in handy for that, do you think?

You are a wonderful man Harry! When you consider that "The Constant" is one of the all-time best LOST episodes, its a bit odd to say the least that a character who the auidence is so attached to gets only a few scenes in season 5 and one scene so far in season 6!

The magician shows you something ordinary: It was Christian from the ALT.

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Did anyone catch him spill about something going down on "the island" when he was whispering to Jin in the icebox?

It's position is always pretty much at the same spot, close to Fiji, but it's always moving through time so you can only find it when certain windows open up. Milf stockings xxx. Desmond on the plane - representing the whole oddness of the new scenario in itself and then the island reveal underwater - and Ben talking to Roger are so far the only nods that everything isn't normal, within the continuity of LA X itself.

Please be responsible with spoilers.

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THat is why she suddenly couldn't speak English. From coaxial to Latest news. They have made such a deal of pointing out the last name applying to more than one person. Never understood the Ana Lucia hate here, she was a cutie. MIB Locke started at the island, then made it over to the Barracks last season so he had to have taken a boat. He's praying when the smoke monster comes at him OR because he was the only one alive who was in chains and no threat. Roberta pedon nude pics. From what we have seen over six seasons is FACT!

If it is not Jin's kid, why should he give a flying flip? That Flocke took away Sun's ability to speak english as a way of alienating her So I agree that there's plenty of spoilery stuff out there that's rather involved, yet having read a lot of it myself I don't particularly feel any the wiser what to expect - which is odd, because there's a lot of information floating around by now. No, you gotta kill it and put an end to it. Felicia clover monster tits. What are the odds we find out something interesting about it in the ALT?

I know they have not finished shooting so we need to get the ball rolling here. Would request any decent people to shout out if they see them so others don't, can imagine Ricky Martin's bride to be will post some.

A year ago today The magician shows you something ordinary: Remember Ben Linus banishing Widdy scene? Obviously Red Dwarf and Hitchhiker's Guide are 2 diff. Hume just made my interest in the last 6 episodes go up about 20 points. Sawyer arrests Jin while Jin is with Sun at the hospital where Juliet is her obstetrician? You are just wrong. What I saw that scene as doing was A setting up the time period and B showing that Jacob had been bringing people to the Island forever.

I don't know where I'm going.

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The morale is there are none without God. In the end maybe Hurley will be the best candidate He's an angry bald guy with a beard! Maybe because Breaking Bad is back It became night out before they managed to break through the tide, and combine that with the islands wonderful ability to go from peaceful to batshit insane storm weather Symbolic of two time lines? Can Jacob now appear in multiple forms, free of his old body?

Doesn't explain Isabella's presence. Lesbian nude photos. If they did, at the end of the scene they could have easily had Jacob look into the sky and shown it getting dark. Will try this at home, not allowed to use Firefox at work Great, ABC heard this and so they put this stupid countdown in the ep so we have to acknowledge it.

Me, I stopped doing that over thirty years ago, otherwise I'd ask what you were using when you wrote that piece. Roberta pedon nude pics. That's a show that knows what it's doing. Nude sexy ladies photos And when other dead characters start showing up as ghosts "What They Died For"?

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