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Farmhand applications are open. There are so many other better cosplayers out there I bet if Luna made another similar post that cosplayer would get popular too.

Who the hell is Hannah Minx? Sad gtfo off the Internet children you are so pathetic in trying to make up shit about someone that doesn't give a shit about you clowns. Tumblr nude black girls. Luna lanie nude. She's a terrible "model". Maybe get an education instead of sniffing glue lol. For all you know she could be hitched up or working somewhere you have no clue about. Damn Loonie I came and defended you because I thought you were getting your mental health checked and stepping away from the internet since it obviously turns you into a psychopath.

She will never be famous but if she does then even more people will become aware of her behavior since she refuses to get help. This is worse than Kiki. Too bad we have the video of this so she can't keep falling back on her ass and claiming "fake" Video here: Arpit or whatever the fuck his name is.

Looks better straight but of course you always stalk until you find whatever fits your agenda. Sexy poem for girlfriend. Maybe I should post my picture bitch but it's an anon board put up or stfu. There's no such thing as negative attention just attention by a bunch of losers that still troll boards to talk about someone more successful.

No one listens to a group of ugly girls that fuck a bunch of fans or comic book owners just to sell prints at a convention lol. Loonie, if you think tallkng shit about Kay or anyone else will make you relevant, you're wrong.

You go Glenn Coco. Btw last I checked Kay has t mobile so do thousands of people but keep being paranoid that every post in support of Luna is from her retards. WeeGee Weegee is de wae. No I'm just watching this thread for a friend. Insurance money came right before the move to California about two years after the accident.

We have wrought ourselves into a new era under a new host. Failtrolls will be ridiculed mercilessly. I also talked with Luna today and she believes her ex is involved because he's still reeling over losing popularity. Looks are subjective but There's really no competition, she lightens her skin, uses all the tools Jessica uses but in real life looks nothing like her pictures.

One can dispute every lie here but your only concerned with trying to spread misinformation. Sarah massey nude. JPG Looks like Luna's photoshop hasnt gotten any better over the years. The answer is no. You're literally the most two faced bitch I've ever seen. Kelly cosplays but I see her focus more on streaming. I was legitimately wondering how the fuck he and Amanda Todd were related dipshit.

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Jesus fucking Christ I had to reread all of these to try to understand what the hell you were trying to say, Loonie. 20 pound tits. She used to have potential but now she looks so ugly and plastic. How the hell did you pass high school literacy tests?

Her looks aren't anything to aspire to, and that trout mouth is hardly turning me jelly. The fuck is with this weak ass community goal? You probably want to fuck them because you have such a hard on for anyone who licks Migris dirty old hemorrhoid ass.

It must hurt to be as irrelevant as Loonie, shes so irrelevant people dont care enough to sue her for slander. Keep trying losers while you're standing at booths having to touch sweaty disgusting fat dudes she's going to be sipping that bub with guts that don't work at Walmart and creep on trashy hoes. We have wrought ourselves into a new era under a new host. I was told that she blocked Nigri when she followed Kay right after Luna ranted about her.

These idiots are stuck. Drama with Kaybear Cosplay. Luna lanie nude. Avatar korra nude pics. I've been here all along watching your Stanky muffs try so hard with fake posts and pictures. You must really dislike yourself to put others down and sperg put about people who don't give a shit about you.

It would make for some good chuckles. Like maybe funimation people lol. And thats usually how things happen by chance not by dick riding.

Luna, you came here, we didn't force you to come here. She's a dirty liar and the proof is in the thread.

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Or the shit your fans sperg, so yes, still associated with you. I swear she changes this like twice a week. People that use to know her? A year later she started patreon adk no one to promo it big difference. She did not start her Patreon until at least late And that's how you trash gage success? Talking about salty bitches? JPG Wtf is up with her face? Bitch is so weird. Sexy nude girls with guns. PNG God jessica go fix that broken face and get a real man. This delusion is incredible.

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