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I'd love to see her try to make a bullshit call out post for them too. Especially since there's proof of you admitting to it here. I want to have lesbian sex. Kay bear naked. She hates minority's and porny princesses. You can't take any criticism but endlessly white knight the biggest botched boob fan scammer out there.

GIF Gif proving her tits are fake and hard cantaloupes. She's on the cover of SI dumb cunt 3 times. How desperate for money is this whore? PNG Normal small boobs and why? Plus she's so racist I don't think she'd touch a terrorist. Mod can you mark at least this post for legal purposes? We all know it's her but why havent the mods confirmed? How do I access your snapchat? You basically bring up negative shit about Luna that every other popular cosplayer does so this thread is pathetic at best.

Now go back to your vibrator and cats because this place is for trolls and ugly bitches who are pounds with plugs up their asses. Nobody else would care enough to be this obsessed to keep starting new threads. But they don't stick fur up their asses. C on tits. JPG Kay's been projecting since she started this plugfest and you know she's has this up her poophole look at the goosebumps.

The worst goes to Lanae that works with David Love the pedophile also Vamp, Ireland Reid, AniMia, Hughley the list is so long there's really no point in dissing someone who gained a ton of weight but now has normal real boobs lol. It's almost like…this thread is about Luna.

This is like a spirit Halloween ciri lol it's so inaccurate and lazy And then she captioned the photo with a geralt quote, not even a ciri one The scar doesn't look bad though I'll give her that. There's not even milk at this point just loonie ban evading and talking shit about other girls. You really don't know why she came to la you believe what you read or gossip. It looks so tacky! Instead, we got a wealth of a lone sperging person.

It's just a matter of time before you are on to kids parties lol. Still doesn't make it ok for loonie to brag about the cheap shit she wears when she could commission something that looked nice if she makes so much money. The numbers make it appear you're popular but look at the quality of the monthly content.

I don't think any cosplayer will be willing to venture as far scat though unless they upgrade to Dubai escorts lol. Retrieved 18 August

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Yeah they are pretty fuck boyish. Chubby naked pussy. She just did it before it was mainstream. Kay bear naked. Interviews with Luna prove she played video games legit for years before she knew what cosplay was unlike the fake gamers out there now. Also that obviously shooped in snow. And using VPNs doesn't mean your invisible, retard. They said burned bridges and turned against her.

Bitch is 22 going on 40 and makes chump change getting her snatch out on patreon. Your best course of action would be to ignore the bait. So here's my prescription for how Luna can become a normal girl who is not a mental unstable shitstain on society: Her head shape and facial features are all out of whack here.

Especially someone who had nothing to do with the fuckin thread! He's the stereotypical tryhard fan who thinks these cost hits are"friends" with him when they irl lol at him behind his back.

Good getting that old rich guy you always wanted. Luna has real fans not bought to make it look like she's popular.

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Vampy still has super tiny tits that are always very obviously shoved in a push up and sometimes even contoured, and Mia has always seemed very…proportionate to me. Wwe bella twins nude pics. Anyone know anything about this? Sad women but I would be to if I lived like sex traffic workers. And you are all alone in this. Yeah she had a weight gain looks like all cosplayers who were in the Nigs party crew gain weight but now that Luna left that party con scene she's skinny and much younger looking.

I'm going to assume you're Luna because you probably are. A big thank you! You literally are just paranoid over nothing bc all the girls you're obsessed with just honestly don't ever think of you, it's just you, being crazy.

If you hate black girls so much, why you trying to make yourself have black girl features big lips, big ass, always wearing extensions in your hair…. You are competing with each other over something inherently worthless and ridiculous: She went from over pledges to lmfao. It looks like she has one of those cases where certain body parts stop growing.

I doubt Luna even played the game, she just copied Jnig. It'd be much funnier to see her flip her shit when it is proven that she's made hundreds of posts here pretending to be a dozen other people.

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I am just another anon that doesn't even cosplay, but can't comprehend your serial-killer level of obsession with ththe she random girls. When do I pay? No education with a fan base of minimum wage workers that still live in their mummy's and daddy's basement lmao. PNG Take a look at the Queen who's going to rule in the next few years.

Oh hunny it's you no one cares about. Sophie dee nude boobs. Jenna shea nude Take this advice if any, seek some professional private intense therapy, I sincerely mean this. Like…guest passes mean she bought it herself or one of her friends bought it for her. It actually makes me feel sort of sick. Loonie, you need help.

Maybe the crazy bitch is finally getting therapy. Kay bear naked. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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